10,000 birds killed by the hailstorm in Vichy (Allier) according to the LPO

Starlings, thrushes, blackbirds, crows, jackdaws, dead wood pigeons by the thousands… this Sunday morning, the situation was terrible for nature lovers. The hailstorm that hit the Vichyssois basin on Saturday evening was fatal to many birds.

About 10,000 birds found dead in the Parc des Sources sector, according to volunteers from the League for the Protection of Birds, mobilized by Pascale Manson and Ambre Guerrin, local representatives.This Sunday morning, the ground of the Parc des Sources was strewn with dead birds.
Four truckloads of dead birds were taken to rendering. Christophe Mevel was present from 2 a.m. for this sinister pick-up. But this volunteer has also saved injured birds. “These are taken to the LPO center in Clermont-Ferrand where they will be treated as far as possible, explains Pascale Manson. We picked up a lot of young birds that had fallen from the nest. »

The Vichy basin (Allier) wakes up with considerable damage after the hail storm of the night

Denis Lorut


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