11-year-old boy climbs 15m tree to rescue cat that’s been stuck for days

What did the young Daniel Perman is both heroic and dangerous. An 11-year-old shouldn’t risk climbing a 15m tree, but he did it to save a cat in distress, reports the New Zealand site stuff Friday 1er July.

Carmen Brown was desperate. The cat of this resident of Glendowiein the suburbs ofAuckland in New Zealand, had been trapped up in a tree for 4 days and no one could help him.

The feline with the white and black dress, answering to the name ofEsca, was 15 meters above the ground. His mistress had contacted the fire brigade of Saint Heliers, but the latter did not have a ladder high enough to climb up to the level of the animal. The largest model they have rises to 10.5 meters.

The firefighters had explained to him thatEsca was in danger of taking fright at seeing them approaching, and of climbing even higher. They suggested to Carmen Brown to wait for the cat to come down on its own.

The latter then contacted a local pruning company, but the latter could not intervene without obtaining the green light from the authorities. The tree in question is, in fact, in a nature reserve, the park Tahuna Torea as it happens.

Running out of options, Carmen Brown appealed for help on social media. He was seen by Andrea Perman and his son Daniel11 years old.

An excellent climber, the boy decided to rescue the cat, with his mother’s approval. When he got there, he climbed the tree with remarkable ease. When Esca saw him coming towards him, he was not at all afraid, quite the contrary; he seemed delighted, especially since Daniel planned some cat biscuits.


The brave boy then tried to tuck Esca in his bag, which the quadruped categorically refused. Danielwho also has seafaring skills and knows how to tie knots perfectly, improvised a harness from a rope and used it to secure the cat and lower it.

Illustration of the article: An 11-year-old boy climbs a 15-meter tree to rescue a cat that has been stuck for days

Returned safe and sound to his family

At the foot of the tree, Andrea Perman was holding a towel in which she wrapped Esca, which was later returned to its owner. His son then descended as quickly and skillfully as he had come up.

relieved, Carmen Brown lacked the words to express his gratitude to Daniel and his mom. She and her husband collected what they had on them as cash to give as a reward to the talented climber, ie 40 New Zealand dollars (about 24 euros).

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Illustration of the article: An 11-year-old boy climbs a 15-meter tree to rescue a cat that has been stuck for days

Esca was hungry, thirsty and somewhat shaken, but he was fine. Since returning home, he has spent most of his time cuddled up with his sister.


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