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150 cats disappear in the Hérault, the preferred animal trafficking trail

The mystery persists in the Hérault. Cats have been missing for two years. 150 domesticated felines are missing in several municipalities of the department. The trail of animal trafficking is privileged.

Everyone is looking for their cat. In the west of Hérault, the scenario of Klapisch’s film is a sad reality.

For more than seven months, Emeline Legrand and Saïda Ounnas have been posting photos of their missing cats, in and around their village. “Sometimes we receive calls saying that we have seen cats that look like them so we continue as soon as we have new information but we will not let go,” Saida sighs. If they are malicious people, they have to pay. They need to be scared.” adds Emily.

If the two women do not resign themselves, it is because they are not alone in looking for cats in their village. LDomestic cats have disappeared without explanation in the towns of Tressan, Le Pouget, Plaissan, Paulhan and Puilacher.

A few weeks before, I had mainly seen messages on Facebook about the disappearance of cats and I said to myself that there was a problem. I said to myself “he’s not going to come back. Knowing that the cat who had disappeared a few days before was just 50 meters from the house.


Owner of a missing cat

Emeline then decided to list all the disappearances of cats ever found in her town. That’s when Saïda loses hers. She is expanding the search to surrounding villages: 150 cats have disappeared without a trace over the past two years in several villages in western Hérault.

“It’s targeted: in the same housing estates, the same streets and it’s often on the outskirts of villages”, underlines Saida Ounnas.

When the Montpellier SPA learned of this information, it immediately took the matter seriously.

They are family cats who are not used to leaving. We found traces with cat traps, so we are no longer in accidental disappearances of cats that do not return. There, I think there is an organization behind it, even trafficking.

Annie Benezech

SPA Director

The SPA will file a complaint for the mass disappearance of cats. In the meantime, Emeline and Saïda continue to collect information on missing cats from the Hérault valley. In the meantime, they have launched a dedicated email address: chatdisparition34@gmail.com. A site specializing in the announcements of lost and found pets also exists, it is Petalert.

“Around Toulouse, the problem has also arisen for several years”, emphasizes Farida Bellafdil. There is cat trafficking organized by Roma teams.

The animals are sought after for their skins. We found skinned cats.

Farida Bellafdil

victim of cat theft

This Toulousaine who has been warning for several years about this phenomenon says she has conducted an investigation. “Pet thieves tracking. They do scouting in housing estates. Block the portals to get the cats out and catch them. It’s a horror.” She launched an online petition for the opening of a judicial inquiry.

Clandestine clothing workshops using animal fur have been uncovered in the Hauts-de-Seine, thus confirming for animal rights defenders the organization of skin trafficking.

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