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16 Hilarious Pet Photos From The Comedy Pet Photos Awards

On the Internet, it is not uncommon to come across photos of animals. Worse still, it is reasonable to think that the web was created to share photos of cats there. And if you want to see more of these photos, the Comedy Pet Photos Awards honor the funniest pet photos each year. The big winners of the 2022 edition have been announced, with no less than 9 different categories. Cat, dog, horse and other pets pose in photos to discover just below. Do not hesitate to share your favorite photo with us via the comment section.

#1 big winner and winner of the “cat” category: Kenichi Morinaga “boom boom

#2 “dog” category: Jose Bayon with “Nilo’s Love for water

#3 “horse” category: Radim Filipek with “Happy Horses

#4 category “other creatures”: Stefan Brusius with “Smokin’ Alpaca

#5 “junior” category: Freya Sharpe with “Jack the Cat stuck in the hedge

#6 category “pets that look like their master”: Judy Nussenblatt with “Dave and Dudley

#7 category “audience choice”: Marko Jovanovic with “Dashing through the snow

#8 “team favourite” category: Mehmet Aslan with “Dog driver

#9 category “highly recommended photos”: Sarah Fiona Helme with “Purr-etty Pleeeaase!

#10 category “highly recommended photos”: Beth Noble with “OMG what is that

#11 category “highly recommended photos”: Karl Goldhamer with “Werewolf 2.0

#12 category “highly recommended photos”: Kazutoshi ONO with “too desperate

#13 category “highly recommended photos”: Lucy Sellors-Duval with “Mine, not yours!

#14 category “highly recommended photos”: Jonathan Casey with “Grandmistress Candy

#15 category “highly recommended photos”: Kenichi Morinaga with “Now, how do I upload my pics?

#16 category “highly recommended photos”: Christopher Johnson with “Revenge of the Tennis Ball

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