2 dogs appearing to turn into a stone statue arrive at a shelter to finally benefit from care

These 2 little canines had a hard life and didn’t get all the attention they deserved. They have therefore developed a very disturbing disease which, fortunately, can be cured. Thanks to the volunteers, they are gradually finding comfort and a normal appearance.

Ladya Yorkshire Terrier cross, and Stella, a Picard Spaniel cross, lived together in conditions that were not conducive to good health. The 2 dogs were therefore taken to a veterinary clinic in the RSPCA at birmingham in England.

The verdict was final: the 2 acolytes suffered from severe itching due to dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) caused by flea bite allergy (DAPP).

Lady and Stella therefore developed thick patches of eczema all over their bodies, stripping them of their hair and giving them the appearance of a stone statue. The healthcare team has concocted a tailor-made treatment for them.

“They weren’t born with the condition, we’ve done a number of tests and can confirm it’s nothing nasty. This is a DAPP that has not been treated and has evolved into this horrible state”explained a spokesperson to the Mirror.

After a few days in intensive care aimed at relieving them of the inflammation, Stella and Lady have been entrusted to Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home where they continue their remission. The 2 congeners are already showing signs of improvement. They are more relaxed and testify to the happiness of feeling better about themselves.

“Stella and Lady arrived in a terrible state. They were both very sad and shy. But after gaining confidence, they both slowly reveal clues to their cheeky little personalities.said a volunteer.

There is still a long way to go before full recovery, but everyone is hopeful. The association has launched a call for donations to help them. In parallel, Lady and Stella are recovering slowly thanks to the kindness of the members of the shelter. They will be offered for adoption as soon as their state of health allows it.

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