2 orphaned kittens in poor health refuse to leave each other at the shelter

Kittens not only need their mother, but also their siblings. These 2 could only count on each other to survive in the middle of the street, which brought them together for life.

bane and Ines are 2 adorable, endearing furballs who have had a difficult journey. The 2 babies were indeed found in an alley by a good Samaritan. The unfortunates were only 5 weeks old, and despite the research, their mother was absent.

The man immediately understood that they needed help and therefore contacted the shelter Montreal Orphan Kittens (COM), specializing in the rescue of felines in Quebec.

When they arrive in the host family, Ines and bane were terrorized by humans. Nevertheless, they had to receive care.

regain health

The kittens were skinny and infested with parasites. The veterinary clinic therefore treated them against fleas and worms. They were then able to take full advantage of their foster home.

bane and Ines never left each other. They had pulled together to survive in a very hostile environment for such small beings, and it had brought them together forever. The young male was his sister’s protector. Which systematically snuggled against him.

After a few days in this new cozy house with a bowl always full, the 2 little felines started to come out of their shell. They now showed their joie de vivre and were gaining weight visibly, reports Dailycats.

The foster volunteer therefore transferred them to a room with other kittens so that they could socialize more.

But if by misfortune they found themselves separated even for a moment, they began to mew in despair.

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The woman therefore concluded that it would be cruel to separate them. They were therefore put up for adoption together. Fortunately, a few weeks later, a couple fell in love with the duo.

Ines and bane have found their forever home where they now enjoy a full life: games, naps and all-you-can-eat meals. They are the delight of their attentive masters, delighted to have participated in their development.


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