200 euros fine and reimbursement of veterinary costs for hitting a neighbor’s cat

The cat Oscar, aged one year and seven months, found himself, on March 2, 2021, with a bruise on his left eye. The veterinarian who examined the animal’s condition also noticed, in addition to injuries to the left eye, pain all over the left side. The defendant, who appeared before the Bourges police court, said he lost his nerves and “kicked his ass” because the animal had entered his property once again.

200 euros fine, and payment of veterinary fees

The defendant, 38, from Lazenay, said it once again in court: “I lost patience, I put my foot in his c… You understand, he came to my land every day, we found droppings , my daughter was playing in the sand. So when Oscar, the neighbour’s cat, a little further in the village, which he doesn’t know, by the way, pointed his paws at the property of this machine operator, his blood only ran. ‘a lap.

Prosecuted for ill-treatment inflicted without necessity on a tamed or captive domestic animal, the thirty-something recognizes. “You wanted to do justice yourself,” concludes the president. The kick theory doesn’t fit with the metal tube that the man would have held in one hand. The public prosecutor demanded a fine of 200 euros and payment of veterinary fees (154.90 euros). The court followed these requisitions



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