3 dogs and a cat abandoned by their owner who went on vacation saved from their unsanitary environment by an association

Animal protection organizations have their work cut out for them this summer. Abandonments are increasing and they must also manage reports of abuse. Thanks to their dedication, many dogs and cats have come out of their hell and are enjoying a second chance. This latest rescue is sad to see.

Sunday July 10, 2022, the association In the Name of the Animals carried out an intervention ensuring the shelter of 3 dogs and a cat. The neighbors of a woman residing in bowsin the area ofEpinal in the department of Vosgeshad indeed contacted the authorities to report the unsanitary living conditions in which his poor animals lived.

The president, Dominique Franiatteas well as volunteers Charlene, Lorene, Sandrine and Arnaud came to see the facts. The team was surrounded by the authority of the mayor of the commune and the national gendarmerie brigade of Remiremont.

An unequivocal inventory

When they arrived, the rescuers were horrified. The statements of local residents have proven to be more than accurate. The barn used as a shelter for the animals was qualified as a waste disposal center by Dominique Franiatte. And for good reason ! Garbage and feces littered the floor, making the area difficult to access.

2 of the canids were wandering in the field. The third, meanwhile, was locked in the dark in less than a square meter, with no water or food available.

On the property, 2 cats were also found. One of the felines is taken care of by a caring neighbour. The 3 doggies and the remaining tomcat were therefore seized and then entrusted to the SPA of brovelieures. They are currently pampered there and are recovering from their emotions.

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In parallel, In the Name of the Animals filed a complaint on Monday July 11 for acts of abuse and abandonment. Indeed, according to the association, the mistress would have gone on leave. “Madame their owner struts around on vacation at the other end of France”can we read on the Facebook publication of the refuge.

She will therefore have to answer for her actions in court.


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