3-legged dog with cancer hailed hero for saving baby otter (video)

What better than the feast of the resurrection to save a life? On Sunday April 17, a dog named Gus held out his paw to a baby otter and was greeted as a hero.

Gus made his family proud. On Easter, the Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever / Poodle) jumped into a river and braved the cold water to retrieve an abandoned young otter, the magazine reports People. Following this rescue operation, the canine brought its pretty catch to Cleo Younghis owner, and his daughters.

The family tried to find the little furball’s mother, but never managed to find her. Young and frail, the wild animal required specific care. For his own good, Cleo and her relatives transported the survivor to the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC). ” It was kind of a harrowing trip as it closed at 6:00 p.m. and we weren’t sure if we were going to make it “, said Cleo. Fortunately, the staff took care of the special package.

A saving encounter

We were pretty worried the first 36 hourscenter workers said, he was cold to the touch and we weren’t sure if he had sucked in water, which could have led to pneumonia. »

Rest assured, thanks to the heroic intervention of the dog and the numerous treatments provided, the baby otter is doing well today. His benefactors indicated that he was ” far too young to end up in the water and should have stayed in a den with his mother.

Gus therefore appeared as a guardian angel, whose mission was to save him. ” I think he knew the otter was bad and something was wrongestimated one of the daughters of Cleo Young, he received a lot of treats afterwards. »

One less cancer and one leg

The behavior of the Goldendoodle amazed his loved ones. And for good reason: he is currently undergoing cancer treatment at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital. During the month of February, a surgeon was forced to amputate one of his hind limbs, victim of a tumour. At Easter, it was the first time that Gus swam with only 3 legs.

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Benevolent, courageous and bold, the dog represents a real source of inspiration for us humans. It offers us a beautiful lesson in life and humanity.

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