3 Purina brand cat products are recalled

We informed you not long ago of the recall of the Candia brand milk bottle by the Leclerc brand, today it is the Purina brand that is concerned.

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Purina specializes in cat food and has recalled three of its products. Affected by this recall: PURINA PRO PLAN Original Kitten 1 to 12 months, rich in chicken; PURINA PRO PLAN Sterilized Adult 1+, rich in salmon; and PURINA ONE Junior from 1 to 12 months, made with selected chicken. ” Possible traces of a residue (2-CE) from the water treatment used by an ingredient supplier have been detected and have already caused severe diarrhea in some cats and in the worst case, this has led to the death of the animal. the Parisian questioned an animal shelter manager and the man was adamant: ” All the foster families to whom I provided these kibbles, the kittens had diarrhea right away. (…) When changing kibble, the animal is no longer sick “. All three Purina products were sold between November 2021 and April 2022. They do not expire until 2023. Do not give these products to your pets and it is advisable to destroy them or return them to the store for a refund. Two numbers are available, 0806 800 361 for Purina products and 0800 226 462 for Purina Pro Plan products.

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