3 tips to preserve your cat

With the scorching temperatures, our pets suffer just as much as we do. To avoid heatstroke, here are some recommendations in July 2022.

The mercury in the coming days of July will cheerfully exceed 30 degrees. In recent days, at the veterinary practice of Doctor Francois Marie-Pierre, phone calls from worried owners are daily. The first advice from the veterinarian is to constantly monitor your pet’s behavior.

“Cats suffer less than dogs. But old animals are very sensitive to heat and at the moment I see a lot of old cats who are dehydrated. Just take the skin of your cat’s back between your fingers; if it does not recover smoothly, it is a sign of severe dehydration. You must consult quickly and in this case you rehydrate with an infusion.”

Second tip: watch your cat’s pads. Cracked skin on the pads is also a sign of dehydration. In this case wet them, using a basin of water or wet towels, but do not put your cat in the shower!

We know it well, cats do as they please. So it is difficult to force them to drink.

Some gadgets exist for this, such as playful water fountains, but it is also possible to encourage them to cool off, thanks to this tip from the veterinarian.

You can prepare ice cubes for them with the juice of a can of tuna or meat juice, it will force them to cool off and drink“, advises us Doctor François Marie-Pierre, veterinarian specializing in felines in Nancy.

Finally, to avoid heatstroke, keep your pet at home during the hottest hours of the day…

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