4 very simple recipes to revisit the Spritz

The spritz is the typical cocktail for a summer aperitif on the terrace. At the same time refreshing, sparkling and subtly bitter, it is one of our summer favorites. But by dint of toasting with this famous cocktail from Veneto, it would almost lose its delicious flavors. And if you opt for one of these revisits? Decorated with limoncello, flavored with watermelon or mocktail version, 4 revisited recipes spotted on Pinterest or shared by Belgian mixologists that you will sip all summer long.

The 100% grape spritz

“The Spritz It is part of a family of cocktails called the “Spritzer” available in various versions. First composed of wine and sparkling water, it will then be modified with a bitter and prosecco. In 2003 the Aperol brand made it its spearhead and this cocktail became popular to become the famous Aperol Spritz”, tells us Édouard Boels (aka @edouard_silverhands on Instagram), a self-entrepreneur and spirits consultant. His advice for revisiting this recipe? “You can replace, for example, Aperol with another bitter, such as cynar (artichoke liqueur) or with a sweeter liqueur, such as gentian or bergamot liqueur. My simple recipe to revisit it: pour a dose of white or red vermouth, a dose of sparkling water and two doses of a sparkling wine (prosecco or cava) in a tall glass filled with ice cubes, For a refreshing cocktail and 100% grape. “.

Limoncello spritz

This is THE recipe that is all the rage right now on Instagram and Pinterest. In order to preserve the citrus notes present in the cocktail, some opt for grapefruit liqueurs or limoncello! In a shaker, gently mix a dose of limoncello (about 3 cl) and a drizzle of cane sugar syrup. Pour the preparation into a glass filled with ice cubes and (if you wish) add a slice of lemon and mint (or basil) leaves for decoration. Add 3cl of sparkling water and 10cl of chilled prosecco.

The non-alcoholic spritz

A recipe shared by Marine Leblanc, the Check-in bar mixologist in Tournai. “As a young mum and breastfeeding mum, I realized that our choice of drinks is limited… So I’m thinking more of a revisited mocktail version!” I chose Nona Spritz to replace Aperol. It is a 100% natural alcohol-free drink with blood orange and gentian,” explains the expert. “For the 100% free spritz… Nothing very complicated, I use 3cl of Nona Spritz, 5cl of squeezed orange juice, lots of crushed ice and… I top up with sparkling water (or tonic )”.

The watermelon spritz

Here is a recipe that smells like summer! To concoct two cocktails, take 500 grams of watermelon. Keep two pretty pieces for decoration and cut the rest into small cubes. Remove the seeds and blend the watermelon in your blender until you obtain a fairly smooth juice. Filter through a sieve. In two large glasses filled with ice cubes, pour 5 cl of Apérol or Campari, divide the watermelon juice between the two glasses and top up by adding 10 ml of sparkling rosé in each glass. Decorate with the remaining slice of watermelon and add mint leaves for an even cooler effect!

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