47 cats are rescued while living in a car with their homeless owner

A police officer in Minnesota (USA) discovered the plight of the man and his cats after they lost their home. So they were taken to the Animal Humane Society where vets helped them get adopted. “This is just the start of their second chance,” AHS said on Facebook.

A man who lost his home in Minnesota (USA) tried to find the best possible way to stay with his 47 cats. He had no choice but to take refuge in his car with the felines on a very hot day with no air conditioning.

47 cats are rescued while living in a car with their homeless owner

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A very dangerous situation, because it ends up suffocating those who are there, due to the confinement and the high temperatures. Fortunately, the man had parked at a rest area where he was spotted by a police officer, and his cats were rescued by authorities.

The situation of the owner worries the witnesses, because it turns out that he lives like this ” since a while “. As dangerous as it may be, Ashley Pudasan investigator from the Humane Society, understood that the man acted in this way so as not to lose his cats or abandon them.

“Unfortunately in the heat yesterday he recognized that it was beyond what he was capable of at the moment. And he let us help them,” said Ashley, quoted by the Daily Mail.

The Animal Humane Society team has welcomed the 47 cats to their premises so they don’t have to go through the same thing again and have a safe life while their owner finds a solution. Fortunately, the cats had nothing serious, just dehydration and other minor issues:

“Ranging in ages from just under a year to 12 years old, our vets have just started examining each cat, providing them with vaccinations, a balanced diet, specialized behavioral rehabilitation and neutering surgery,” posted the organization on Facebook.

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“Yesterday, the lives of 47 animals were irrevocably changed. Today, these 47 cats are finally experiencing what it’s like to have their own space to sleep, play and eat. This is just the start of their second chance.”

The cats will be up for adoption and they are appealing for donations to care for them all, in the hope of finding them a new home.

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