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5 signs of his love

Today let’s talk about the signs that a cat chooses you. We humans are convinced that we always decide, even when it comes to animals. On the other hand, when it comes to felines, the discourse changes. And anyone who owns a cat knows that.

So here are the signs of when the cat chooses its life partner. Because it is good to remember, despite the character that is not always easy to decode, the cat remains a loving animal. In their own way, cats love us too, just as children love their parents.

What happens when a cat chooses you as its owner?

When a cat chooses you, it means you will become its reference . Despite its (mistaken) reputation for solitude and independence, it is livestock accustomed to the human presence, which he tolerates until he grows fond of it.

It is generally easy to understand how the cat chooses its owner: it is a single person who must be able to feed him (of quality and preferably from the cat’s only favorite brand: cats are regulars) and space to spend hours in meditation (actually sleep …) on his life.

How do you get chosen by the cat?

However, our mustachioed pet can be accessed in his “champion’s choice”. But How? “Or what? By following some practical advice.

  • A cat will never choose someone who raises their voice or talks excitedly as their master. His human need to be calm peacefully and quietly to gain his trust.
  • Even very strong smells can bother him. Avoid strong smells even in the kitchen (at least during the period when the cat is at home!).
  • From time to another, premium snacks can be a nice and smart way to win his sympathy.

This is of course only indicative information. The chemistry between cat and owner can be created immediately, but over time it is possible to ensure that the cat… appreciate you despite your flaws ! In any case, remember that it is the cat who decides when it wants to be cuddled.

A cat knows very well who to choose as its owner and makes us understand it © Unsplash – Yerlin Matu

How to recognize when a cat chooses you?

With its silent and alert presence, the cat often seems aloof and independent. Despite his character, however, it is possible to find some signs of his association, because even cats love their masters!

Let’s see in detail what these signs need to understand when a cat chooses you as a trusted friend.

1. Cat eyes

If your cat closes both eyes at the same time while looking at you (as if blinking both eyes), this gesture is similar to a human kiss (yes! Even cats send kisses!) and wants to communicate love and affection. If you want to smile at your cat in her cat language, try it blink while looking at him .

2. Talk to me

Although the meow can be an expression of behavioral problems , as well as pain, tension, stress and illness (deafness, senility, dementia, thyroid disorders, central nervous system disorders, hypertension, etc.), meowing is part of the normal behavioral spectrum. Of the cat. When it has a positive origin, the meow shows that the cat is doing well and that he appreciates his master very much.

To understand why the cat meows, you must always take the context into account and learn to decipher its behavior. However, that should not be forgotten some breeds are more communicative than others (eg Bombays don’t meow often, while other breeds can be more talkative) so it’s up to us to learn to understand the character of our furry roommate .

3. The high tail

Have you ever noticed that when kittens approach their mother, they do so with their little tails raised? For owners, cat behavior can mean the same thing. Cats can maintain this behavior even into adulthood and also implement it to greet their human masters. With this gesture, he will say to us: “Hello! I’m really happy to see you!”.

In the house of the house cat this attitude is set up with his human to show him his state of mind. In the “wild” state, it can happen that the cat adopts this attitude with its congeners.

4. Hunting booty

Although it may seem disgusting when a cat chooses you as master, he will not be able to resist bringing you some “little gifts”. Dead bodies of mice, lizards, insects, small birds, etc.

It is a great devotional gesture and respect: then the cat says to you “look, I’m protecting our house, are you happy?”. The answer can only be yes.

5. Dream together!

Finally, the clearest and most obvious sign of your cat’s love for you is sleeping near you.

In their deepest sleep, cats (like all animals) are most vulnerable. When a cat chooses you as a companion for life, he decides to lay down next to you. because he trusts you .

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