6 essential accessories to make everyday life easier for any dog ​​or cat owner

At Feandrea, the well-being and comfort of pets are not empty words. Everything is done to guarantee them, and thus allow dogs and cats to be happy and fulfilled. The accessories it offers are characterized by their high quality and practicality. The goal is as much to think about the happiness of the animals as about the daily life of their humans.

Here are 6 canine and feline accessories found at Feandreadistinguished by their great usefulness and reliability.

1. Cat tree 96 cm light gray

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The cat tree is one of the essential accessories when you have one or more cats at home. This 96 centimeter model, offered in light gray by Feandrea, has everything to please your feline companion(s), and to ensure their well-being.

It offers several levels with as many equipment and resting places for the animal. The floor has a scratching board, which acts as both a scratching post and a ramp. This allows the cat to scratch, and therefore spare your furniture and doors. At the same time, he can use it to easily access the upper floors. Help is all the more welcome if it is a kitten or an old cat.

The cat tree also includes a spacious hiding place, a cave with 2 entrances offering security and comfort. Above is the observation post, just as cozy thanks to its padding. Without forgetting the side hammock and the suspension, which is used to occupy and amuse the feline.

This cat tree Feandrea is therefore a place of rest as well as a structure of activity for the quadruped. It protects it, in addition, from injuries with its round corners.

Finally, its high quality composite wood structure and its wide and reinforced base give it optimal robustness and stability.


Illustration of the article: 6 essential accessories to facilitate the daily life of any dog ​​or cat owner

Whatever their age and lifestyle, your dog or cat needs a comfortable bedding to rest, sleep and socialize. This Feandrea dog bed has all the features that make it ideal for relaxing your canine or feline friend. Its large dimensions (122 x 74 cm) make it the perfect bed for dogs of all sizes, including those belonging to large breeds.

Comfort is at the rendezvous, with its extremely soft PP cotton filling, plush fabric surface and cushion. What help him to benefit from the best quality of sleep possible.

A basket that is also practical, since it is machine washable. It is therefore the perfect choice when looking to ensure optimal hygiene for your animal. Rolled up, it is easily transported by car, and your 4-legged friend can therefore accompany you on your trip. We know how important it is for dogs to keep their bearings when they are away from home; disposing of their basket will greatly help to reassure them.

Another of its strengths is its non-slip base, fitted with rubber studs. The basket therefore does not risk slipping, even if its user is an elderly dog ​​or an overflowing puppy.

3. Black XXL Pet Cage

Illustration of the article: 6 essential accessories to facilitate the daily life of any dog ​​or cat owner

The cage is another essential piece of equipment for any canine owner, especially when it comes to transporting their pet. It guarantees the safety of the latter during the journey at the same time as it reassures him.

Feandrea offers here an XXL dog cage in black color, whose structure and finish are characterized by their high quality. The bars welded in iron treated by electrophoresis offer an unfailing robustness and a high resistance of the coating to wear. Everything is smooth and rust-proof, while its rounded corners help prevent injuries.

Practical as desired, this cage has 2 doors to facilitate access to all its corners and to the dog itself. The layout of its sleeping area and its maintenance will therefore pose no difficulty.

You will also appreciate the ease of transport and storage of the cage, since it becomes compact when folded and is equipped with 2 handles. Folding and unfolding are done in seconds and without any tools. Its removable ABS tray adds to the practical and easily cleanable nature of this accessory.

Thanks to its large format (122 x 76 x 81 cm), it offers space and comfort for medium and large dogs.

4. Travel bag 60 x 40 x 40 cm black

Illustration of the article: 6 essential accessories to facilitate the daily life of any dog ​​or cat owner

An alternative to the cage, the transport bag provides the animal with safety and comfort when travelling. This black model in size M (60 x 40 x 40 cm) has more than one quality to show off to any dog ​​or cat owner.

First of all, it is super practical, since it is foldable, light and easy to carry and store. At home, in the vehicle or at your destination, it knows how to be discreet when folded.

This travel bag is also sturdy thanks to its stable steel structure and thick oxford fabric. It is no less comfortable, with an artificial cashmere mattress. Mattress which is also removable, which facilitates cleaning. The entire bag is easily maintained; a soft brush stroke is enough to dislodge hair and impurities.

Its rounded corners and breathable nets provide both safety and ventilation.

5. Metal animal enclosure

Illustration of the article: 6 essential accessories to facilitate the daily life of any dog ​​or cat owner

When you are called upon to choose an enclosure for your pet, the main selection criteria to take into account are sturdiness, quality of finish, stability, safety, practicality and versatility.

This metal playpen available from Feandrea has all the characteristics you are looking for. The 3.8 cm gap between its bars makes it a perfect space for puppies, but also for kittens, rabbits and domestic rodents.

It can also be used indoors and outdoors. The connecting rods thanks to which its elements are firmly attached to each other also allow it to be anchored to the ground when used in the garden.

The premium metal frame promises strength and durability. The bars are carefully ground for an optimal finish. They are rust and moisture resistant, being electrostatically powder coated.

Its square, thickened tubing and rounded corners combine for maximum safety and stability.

This black enclosure is also foldable, spacious (122 x 80 x 70 cm) and has a double-locking door. If you were to move it, you wouldn’t risk scratching your floors or making noise thanks to its pads.

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6. Washable Orthopedic Dog Bed

Illustration of the article: 6 essential accessories to facilitate the daily life of any dog ​​or cat owner

This washable orthopedic dog bed is like a real dog sofa, as it is comfortable and spacious.

Its plush foam padding and plush surface will make it your pet’s favorite resting place. He will feel at ease, relaxed and will be able to sleep there peacefully. Comfort is also ensured by its raised and padded edges in PP cotton, allowing the dog to rest his head and neck on it.

Because the hygiene of your dog’s bed is essential, this model has a removable and washable cover. In addition, its velvet fabric and its water-repellent coating mean that it is not afraid of cleanliness accidents, especially if you have a puppy in the process of learning, a senior dog or a canine suffering from incontinence for various reasons (disability, illness …).

Offered in light gray and with generous dimensions (120 x 85 x 25 cm), it is also non-slip. As a result, there is no risk of it slipping with each entry and exit of the dog.


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