6 Reasons Owning A Black Cat Is Anything But Bad Luck

For centuries, the stereotype of a black cat’s presence has revolved around bad luck, bad omens, and bad energy. It is true that cats are lonely, indifferent and rather unfriendly animals, but it is not because they are black that they bring all that is negative around them, on the contrary!

These are some of the benefits of having a black cat as a companion:

  • 1- Black cats can resist more diseases

Health research has revealed that the genetic mutations that cause black cat coats may offer some protection against disease. Since cats can experience many of the same health conditions as ours, such as cancer, HIV, and even Alzheimer’s disease, they make perfect models for studying human disease. By discovering how cats have evolved to resist disease, researchers can potentially learn how to prevent disease in humans, too. It is therefore very useful to have one at home.

  • 2- Attract wealth and prosperity

You may have seen the “lucky cats” or Maneki Neko that abound in Japanese culture. These small figurines of cats with raised paws are believed to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to their owners. They are often white, but Lucky Cats also exist in black. A black Lucky Cat not only brings good luck, but also wards off demons, evil energies and walkers who might have bad intentions towards you.

  • 3- Respecting a black cat brings fortune.

In the south of France, there is also a positive belief around black cats. Here they are called matagot and are known as “magic cats” or even “silver cats”. If they are shown respect, for example by giving them a good meal for dinner, providing them with a good bed to sleep in, or providing them with a good home, the matagot will reward its owner with wealth and prosperity. chance. So make sure your black kitten is comfortable because it can fill your wallet.

  • 4- It can help your love life

Forget the stereotypical portrayal of the cat lady, always single and weird. In some parts of the world, it is believed that black cats can improve your love life.

In Japan, for example, single women who own a black cat are believed to attract more suitors, while in the English Midlands of Britain, a black cat is the perfect wedding gift, as it is believed to bring good luck and happiness. to the bride.

  • 5- Protect your home

Black cats possess powerful benevolent powers. If you keep your black cats happy and safe, they will keep you happy and safe – they are ideal for protecting the home! Even if you can’t bring yourself to have a real one, Feng Shui says that having a black cat statuette facing north wards off bad energy and evil spirits.

  • 6- They bring abundance into your life

In Norse mythology, there is a goddess named Freya, who rules over love, fertility and beauty, riding a chariot pulled by two black cats. To ask her for favors, farmers would leave bowls of milk for their felines in the fields for Freya to bless them with a good harvest. Not that you will harvest anything from your garden, but pampering your black cat at home can bring a lot of abundance into your life in every way.

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