6 snacks to eat when you’re hungry late at night

It happens to all of us to be hungry when we had supper only a few hours before. In that case, what to eat? It is indeed not ideal to eat things that are too fatty or too sweet just before going to bed.

On the “Lifehack” site, Joshleen Marmol, a nutritionist, offers 6 healthy snacks to eat during those late-night cravings. However, she reminds us that these late snacks are to be avoided absolutely. And, if one gives in exceptionally, it must be done in small quantities.

1. Popcorn

Rich in fiber, popcorn can really “stall” before going to sleep. It also does not have a high caloric value, provided you prepare it in a healthier way. How ? By doing it yourself of course. In this way, the added sugars are avoided.

2. Fruit

Rather than taking a sugary drink, it is strongly recommended to opt for a fruit. Strawberries, peaches and melon are preferred because they are less sweet than other fruits.

3. Rice cakes

Not only are they low in calories but, in addition, they can be combined with a whole host of things. Let your desires do the talking, but avoid fillings that are too sweet or too greasy.

4. Dehydrated vegetables

Rather than rushing for a packet of crisps, opt for crunchy vegetables. They can be fried in an air fryer or dehydrated. According to the nutritionist, the advantage is that they contain little or no oil.

5. Boiled eggs

“One of the simplest and most nutritious snacks you can find,” writes the nutritionist. They are low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals.

6. Nuts

They contain fiber, vitamin E, fatty acids and other “excellent” substances. Be careful, however, because some nuts found in stores may contain too much sodium or be too seasoned.

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