6-Week-Abandoned Puppy in Cardboard Box Now Seeks Loving Owners

The Barking Mad Dog Rescue association, whose head office is based in the United Kingdom, takes care of stray and/or abandoned dogs in Romania and then repatriates them by plane when they have found adoptive parents. Tilly, a female puppy, is part of one of the group’s last missions to complete.

Tilly was found with her siblings by a Good Samaritan when they had been loosely abandoned in a cardboard box. The little canines were only 6 weeks old and desperately needed help.

“They weren’t weaned and they were left to die without their mother. They were brought to safety in the shelter in the village of Nisipari and have been thriving ever since.”a spokesperson confirmed to Mirror.

Socialization and Adoption

The babies were pampered by the volunteers. They were initially bottle-fed and then quickly began to diversify their diet. In addition, the members of the association ensured that adult dogs taught them the canine rules. Indeed, the mother usually plays a very important role at this level during the growth period.

All the siblings of Tilly were adopted and therefore repatriated to UK in their forever home. But the youngest, now 5 months old, is still waiting for her future owners. “She wonders why no one wants to take her home like her friends did”lamented Hilary Andersonthe founder of the association.

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Barking Mad Dog Rescue

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“Tilly is a sweet and friendly little girl who gets along well with the other canines at the shelter. However, she will need a home with a caring and confident adult dog to learn from and have plenty of opportunities to play and socialize.”has explained Hillary.

The volunteers sincerely hope that her pretty face will soon melt the hearts of loving and caring people so that she forgets her difficult past and enjoys life to the full.


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