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8 cat breeds that look like leopards

As we all know, cats are felines, and in many ways they share many traits with other felines, such as lions, jaguars, and leopards. If these similarities can especially be observed at the level of the animal’s way of being, in certain breeds of cats, this is manifested at the level of appearance. Here are the 8 breeds of domestic cats that most closely resemble leopards.

8. The occat

The ocicat is a breed of cat bred from the 1960s with the aim of having a domestic cat that resembles the ocelot, a small feline from South and Central America whose appearance is similar to that of a panther. It is interesting to know that originally the Ocicat was born from an accidental mating between a Siamese and an Abyssinian. In other words, even if it looks like a wild feline, it is a purely domestic race.

Gabrielle AndriamanjatosonSeptember 16, 2022

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