9 Belgian restaurants in the top 150 best restaurants in Europe

A slightly different ranking

Here there is no blind and ruthless jury, no stars distributed by one, two or three, but a simple classification. The OAD guide for ‘Opinionated about Dining’ is a compilation: it is the 200,000 opinions of some 6,000 amateurs who took part in a vast survey and related their experience in the thousands of restaurants open in Europe, which then make it possible to draw up several rankings: the top new addresses, the top ‘cheap eats’ restaurants and a more general ranking of all the best European tables. This European top 150 published each year is followed by several sub-rankings including a list of other addresses highly recommended or simply recommended in Europe.

Hertog Jan Botanic in Antwerp also came 3rd in the category “New Addresses”

The Belgian winners

If the first restaurant in the ranking is the establishment of Rasmus Munk, theAlchemist in Copenhagen, there are nine Belgian addresses in this ranking, and it is clear that it does not stick with the sacrosanct stars of the Michelin Guide. Thus the first Belgian restaurant in the ranking comes in 40th position: it is The Air of Time in Liernu, the restaurant of chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre thus climbs three places before the famous Mirazurranked 43rd, which had made a name for itself by being named “Best Restaurant in the World” in 2019 by Restaurant Magazine… TheJane in Antwerp, the restaurant of Nick Bril which comes in 49th position, then Bruno Timperman of noise in Bruges, in 86th position… Then follow Memory in Ghent, by Wilhjalmur Sigurdarson (99th place), Hertog Jan Botanic in Antwerp, Gert De Mangeleer (101st place), The peace, Brussels by David Martin (104th place), Shade in Duffel by Thierry Theys (119th place) and finally the triple star Zilte in Antwerp, the restaurant of Viki Geunes. Like what by exploring other guides, there are other ways to reveal the best tables.

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