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a 10-year-old boy runs without looking back

Strange noises in the water: a 10-year-old boy rushes without looking back

This little boy from Bridgeport, Connecticut had the right reflexes.

It was three years ago that the events took place. Someone tied up an adult cat, put it in a garbage bag, then put it in a box and sealed it with tape to prevent the animal from escaping. This person then dropped the package from the Berkshire Bridge directly into the water.

A nice rescue

A 10-year-old boy passing by saw a man throw the box and when he approached he heard a meow coming from inside. Without hesitation, the child rushed to the box which he then entrusted to a nearby police patrol.

According to the police services, the cat probably did not suffer any pain and is in good health. The cat was taken care of before being put up for adoption.

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