a beach now accessible to dogs

The town hall has opened a space open to dogs on the Mérou beach in Hyères. A petition for the opening of this “cani-beach” had collected more than 25,000 signatures.

For the past few days, Mérou beach in Hyères in the Var has been accessible to dogs. Anne-Sophie Garinou and her dog Maxou are already taking advantage of the cani-beach opened by the town hall, the space is delimited by ganivelles.

A few weeks earlier Anne-Sophie had launched a petition to open a beach for canines. She had collected 25,000 signatures and today she is delighted that the town hall has granted her request.

“I am very satisfied that there was a positive outcome, confides the young woman at the microphone of BFM Var. To see all the dogs having fun with dogs between congeners in the water, it’s only positive for me .”

Rules to follow

Dogs are even allowed to play ball. This delights their master, “it’s great, they have a small field to run”, confides a woman at the microphone of BFM Var. “The setting is great, it’s a pleasure I know I’ll be back during the week”, explains a holidaymaker.

The mayor of the town, Jean-Pierre Giranmaire underlines “a completely legitimate request”. But the city councilor assures that there are rules to respect, “there is a responsibility of dog owners, they must be attentive, that they pick up excrement, but we trust them”.

“The public is asked to make sure to leave the beach clean by taking care to pick up dog waste and then throw it in the bins provided for this purpose.
Dispensers for waste bags are available near the entrances to the beach”, is it written on the town hall’s website.

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