a bird invites itself on the set of the 1 p.m. newspaper of France 2

VIDEO – In full live, Julian Bugier had to deal with a pigeon that had gotten lost in the studios of France Télévisions.

A guest that Julian Bugier would have done well without. This Tuesday, while presenting the 1 p.m. edition of France 2, the journalist was surprised by the unexpected presence of a … pigeon. The bird has, in fact, burst into the middle of the newspaper while Dorothée Lachaud evoked in detail the increase in bank charges.

“Oh!”released Julian Bugier visibly surprised. “Look, there is a pigeon flying over our heads”he then commented, following the flying bird from one end of the studio to the other. “So there, it’s the mystery guest of the newspaper”he added with a laugh. “There is a pigeon that has embedded itself on the set, I don’t know if you see it on the screen but it passes around us. We love animals and we will try to continue despite this intrusion.he concluded before giving the floor to the columnist, who was visibly reassured by the presence of the animal.

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A few minutes later, Julian Bugier gave news of the bird still present. “The continuing pigeon episode, look, he’s right above me”the reporter said before a shot was made on the animal. “I wanted to show it to you because we were talking about it earlier. He invited himself on the 1 p.m. set and he watches me up there from a projector.

The pigeon found refuge on a projector of the 1 p.m. news from France 2. Screenshot

When closing the page of this particular edition, the presenter wanted to have a word for those who have not succeeded in disrupting the course of the newspaper. “A friendly greeting to our surprise guest, the pigeon that we will obviously give you news about tomorrow”promised Julian Bugier.

And as expected, this Wednesday noon, the journalist revealed the rest of the misadventures of the bird. “We couldn’t leave each other without giving you news of our surprise guest yesterday, the pigeon! The pigeon at 1 p.m. which caused a lot of talk, which was perched on a projector. Well, don’t worry, he has been found and he will regain his freedom thanks to the professionals who captured him gently. He is in good shape. It wasn’t easy because the studio is very big and has very high ceilings, but he’s doing well and we obviously wish him good luck.”he concluded.

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