A black lemur was born at Planckendael Zoo

A black lemur was born at Planckendael Zoo. “The baby is doing wonderfully and remains clinging to his mother’s belly. Keen observers can make out his little black head in Kimmie’s lush red fur (his mother)”, indicates the press officer in a press release.

© Zoo Planckendael

This is the couple’s second baby, Kimmie and Oreo. Last year they had already hosted a small Wifi. She observes the newcomer. “We have to wait a little longer to find out if the new baby is a girl or a boy“, explains the healer Elke. “The young animal is still black at the moment, but black lemurs can still change color after eight weeksThe zoo specifies that a female is tan with white sideburns while males are black.

The lemur will have a name beginning with X, like all newborns at Planckendael Zoo in 2022.

© Zoo Planckendael

The birth of this black lemur is great news for the international breeding program in place for these animals from the African island of Madagascar. This species is threatened with extinction due to deforestation in its habitat, poaching and illegal trade. With this birth, the ZOO Planckendael contributes to the maintenance of a reserve population“, indicates the establishment.

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