a bomb goes out on Messi, signed contract and next known club for 2023!

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Even if Lionel Messi ends his adventure at PSG much better than he started it, the first season of the Pulga in the capital club, despite the enormous expectations created by his arrival, is a real disappointment. The former Barça number 10 seems to have taken time to adapt to both Parisian life and playing at his new club.

Not enough to question its short-term future, however. Lionel Messi should continue for another season in Paris, with the desire to give a much more positive impression. But for 2023, it’s a different story. His contract will expire and an Argentinian media has just made a huge revelation about the future of the Pulga.

Messi should invest in Inter Miami!

Indeed, according to the program Futbol Total from the DirecTV Sports channel, Lionel Messi has already planned a future elsewhere. La Pulga would have decided to invest in Inter Miami of a certain David Beckham by buying 35% of the shares of the Florida club. And in addition to this takeover, Messi would have already planned to join the United States in 2023, to join a club of which he would therefore be a large shareholder. His future at PSG therefore does not seem to be in the long term, as long as the hypothesis of a return to Barça is dwindling …

to summarize

Lionel Messi’s future is already taking an unexpected turn. An Argentinian media has just revealed that Lionel Messi has already concluded a major agreement for his future! According to this source, Messi is expected to sign for Inter Miami in 2023.

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