a boy sees a kitten who couldn’t walk and decides to help him

João is only 9 years old and knows better than anyone how important it is to be kind to people and animals. He saw a little handicapped kitten and decided to create a wheelchair to make his life easier.

João lives in Paraná, Brazil, and found the kitten at a neighbor’s house, where a litter had been born a few weeks earlier and where he wanted to spend time with them. Rogéria Bello Corazza, the boy’s mother, wrote on Facebook:

“He saw a kitten that couldn’t walk. He was very sad to see the other kittens having fun, while he couldn’t play.

© Rogeria Bello Corazza

A boy builds a wheelchair for a disabled kitten

Seeing this, João knew he had to do everything in his power to help her.

Rogeria then explains:

“He went home and started having ideas of how to help.”

The child assumed a wheelchair would be ideal for him, so he got creative and sourced the necessary materials with the help of a friend, according to The Dodo.

© Rogeria Bello Corazza

Rogeria wrote:

“The wheelchair has been finished for a few minutes. »

A video of the kitten enjoying her wheelchair was shared on Facebook by Rogéria and has already been shared over 1,300 times and racked up over 3 million views. People expressed total admiration for the child.

The reason for the kitten’s inability to walk is not known. João and the kitten have also become very good friends and will support each other forever.

Rogeria wrote:

“His joy at being able to help was the best part.”

This child is adorable! He managed to get this kitten to walk, although when he grows up he will need a bigger wheelchair.

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