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“A boy without a story”, says Archibald Celeyron, the lawyer for suspect number 1

One crime can sometimes hide another… In 2020, Karina’s lifeless body is found, burned and left in lost Guyana, near the small Tibourou cove. A crime that strangely recalls that of Camila, who died in 2006 in the same conditions.

From these two cases emerges one man: Sylvain Kereneur. For months, investigators will revolve around this man who attracts suspicion but escapes them because of the lack of damning clues. Sylvain Kereneur is portrayed as a violent young man by Karina’s family, and was imprisoned for ten years for the voluntary homicide of Camilla, of which he was cleared in 2015. Sylvain Kereneurthe man who attracts all eyes, is he the deserved number one suspect?

Interviewed in The time of the crimeSylvain Kereneur’s lawyer paints another image, very far from the dangerous criminal on RTL: “My client is a boy without history. He is full of life, he has passions”, he confides.

“He was someone who had feelings, plans for living together with her.”

Archibald Celeyron, lawyer for Sylvain Kereneur.

However, the testimonies do not spare Sylvain Kereneur, son of an honorable local family, who totally denies the charges brought against him. Toxic and violent, he isolates Karina from her family, according to relatives of the victim. A man who does not respect women, even said one of these witnesses.

His lawyer refutes the accusations, revealing the conflicting climate between Karina’s family and that of Sylvain. “The testimonies in this file are multiple. Some say that Karina was the victim of violence in her family sphere. And on the contrary, there are many witnesses in this procedure who said that Sylvain Kereneur behaved well with her. He was someone who had feelings for her, who had plans to live together with her. you don’t have a single testimonywith the exception of Karina’s family – who in reality had never dated Sylvain Kereneur – who reveal that he is violent, impulsive, angry”.

Archibald Celeyron continues: “When you speak 5 minutes with Sylvain Kerener, you immediately understand that it is not at all this type of personality”.

The gendarmes will not lose sight of this suspect, even if no material element formally links him to the body of the victim.

The guests of “The hour of crime”

– Caroline Piquet journalist at Le Parisien today in France,
– Me Jérôme Gay lawyer for the family of Camilla Marques Pereira,

– Me Archibald Celeyron, lawyer for Sylvain Kereneur

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