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A brave dog saved the family’s child from another dog’s attack

It is well known that any owner would do anything to save their dog’s life. But it is often the animals themselves who give everything and face any risky situation so that their master is not harmed. And recently, a video went viral on TikTok which bluntly proves that “Dogs are man’s best friend”.

Meet Xiao Bai, a small dog from the city of Shaoyang, China, who in recent days has earned the title of “hero” after saving his little master from another dog attacking him in the middle of a public road. .

This dog did not hesitate for a second to defend his young master, as risky as it may be.

A brave dog saved the family’s child from another dog’s attack

In the video you can see how the little boy is playing with other people on the street when he is suddenly attacked by another dog that was on the street, which without any warning pounced on the body boy.

As we can see in the images, we see that the animal bit him in the stomach with such force that the child fell backwards. Xiao Bai immediately lunged at the other dog and attacked him to prevent him from biting his master. Thanks to this agile maneuver, the other dog escaped from the scene and did not approach the boy, who remained lying on the ground.

The boy began to cry and a group of women present at the scene rushed to his aid. They assessed his injuries and carefully lifted him off the ground.

The post has spread and thousands of users praised the action of the little pet that acted very quickly and averted a tragedy that could have been much greater.

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