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A brave dog sniffs a dog that needed his help in the snow

Banjo is a charming 9 month old German Pointing Dog who lives with his father in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). This brave dog has great sniffer skills and they never imagined it could help them save someone else’s life.

Recently, while Banjo and his dad Kerry were cross-country skiing near their house, the curious dog started sniffing out a peculiar smell on the trail. As they reach some bushes, Kerry notices something hiding in the branches. He approached a little closer to see better, and just then, a hairy golden head popped out of the snow.

A brave dog sniffs a dog that needed his help in the snow

Kerry commented to The Dodo:

“Banjo has a distinct big and specific body movement when surrounded by a fresh animal scent, so when I saw him running through the trees, I knew there was something. I assumed it would be a porcupine, a bird or a rabbit”.

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The man could see that the dog had dug a kind of burrow in the snow where he had been sleeping for the past few days. Kerry remembers that the animal was very scared and didn’t let Banjo come near him until first.

Unable to approach the frightened animal, Jerry immediately contacted the local animal control service, who were able to contact the distressed dog’s family.

Kerry added:

“It wasn’t until I put his owner on speakerphone that he showed signs of movement. I was able to get him out of the forest with a few treats, but he still wouldn’t let me get that close.”

The dog had been missing for a few days at the dog park, and after a heavy blizzard blanketed the area in snow, it was initially difficult to find the dog named Louie.

Louie’s mum was with a search party when she was told her dog had been found. She ran for more than half an hour in the snow up to her knees, and as soon as Louie saw her, the fear disappeared from her face.

Kerry was very touched to see this sweet reunion. He understood this feeling through a similar experience with his dog some time ago.

The man added:

“Banjo was stolen in August, so I held back a few tears, because I know that feeling! There were many friends of Louie, laughter and tears of happiness from her owner, Julia; Louie was very excited and hungry! It was really moving. »

Thanks to this good dog and his excellent sense of smell, Louie is back with his family and they can celebrate their reunion this holiday season.

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Kerry finally said:

“They had food for him in the vehicle. And I gave Julia a few extra treats and a beer to celebrate.”

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