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A breeder suffers yet another attack of stray dogs: “I’m going to have to close my business”, laments Paul P. in tears

Last weekend, Paul Payet, breeder in Plaine des Cafres, was the victim of a new attack by stray dogs, the fifth this year. To defend himself, he had to shoot the dogs on his own. Saddened, the breeder says he will have to liquidate his business after losing nearly 89 does since 2018.

A crying breeder

Since 2018, 89 hinds have been killed by stray dogs in Paul Payet’s breeding farm at Plaine des Cafres.

This weekend is the fifth attack he has suffered since the beginning of the year. Paul Payet therefore decided to shoot the 6 dogs that killed his animals. In total, he shot over 109 strays in 4 years.

On the verge of tears, he testifies:

“We are exhausted, I haven’t slept for several days. We are constantly on alert. This is the 5th attack this year. We are at 89 deer killed since 2018. We are trying to alert the authorities to the problem of stray dogs but we have no return.

We will never be able to go up the slope afterwards. It’s over for us, the sexual maturity of the doe is 2 years, 8 and a half months for a gestation and the little one, we need 2 years to market it. On December 31, we will surely liquidate the company.”

Dominique Clain, president of the union “Unis Pour Nos Agriculteurs” was on hand to denounce the lack of solution to the attacks of stray dogs on farms: “We can’t go on like this anymore. It’s still the same thing. The authorities have to react. If these dogs are able to kill animals like that, they can very well attack men one day. We’re not going to wait for a child to die to react”, he explains.

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