A Cahors butcher makes a splash by selling beef fat to replace sunflower oil

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Ghislain Compozieux, butcher, pork butcher and caterer in Cahors, offers a miraculous oil made from beef fat to relieve the wallets of restaurateurs bearing the full brunt of the rise in the price of sunflower oil. He has the stock and the arguments to defend this product which the Belgians love.

“Put on oil”: this title from the Regg’Lyss group, released in the early 90s, could make people smile now if the shortage of sunflower oil and especially its price, which is becoming more and more prohibitive, did not position suddenly this product on the shelf “financial crisis” caused by the war in Ukraine.

In Cahors, many Lot restaurants had anticipated this spectacular rise in prices, going from single to double and even more, that is to say from €2 to sometimes €4.94. They have therefore built up substantial reserves.

An alternative ingredient that is less expensive, but takes longer to prepare

But stocks are dwindling and require calling on the D system to find alternatives to sunflower oil in order to run the fryer.

Not easy, in these conditions where the bill is soaring, not to increase the bill in restaurants. To avoid this, beef fat comes to the rescue of those who have decided to experiment with this much less expensive ingredient, but a little time consuming to prepare.

A preventive stock of 200 liters of sunflower oil

Ghislain Compozieux, butcher, charcutier and caterer based on boulevard Gambetta, in Cahors, indicates that he could “use this oil” even if he took precautions by making large supplies of sunflower oil. I stored 200 liters of this oil. With this quantity, I can last two to three months” he says. In solidarity with restaurateurs, he offers them his beef fat.

“It can replace sunflower oil and give a whole new flavor to the fries. They will be crispier. To prepare them, I first chop what is called beef white, then I melt it as one proceeds with duck fat.” It is in this chopped and finished form that Ghislain Compozieux then sells his beef fat which is presented as a beautiful brioche, a very special but also beneficial bread for consumers and restaurateurs. Price per kg for individuals: €6.20.

three pounds a day

For the moment, three owners of restaurants and fast food outlets in Cahors benefit from the services of Ghislain Compozieux, but this number could very quickly increase at the rate of the rise in the price of sunflower oil.

The trend is confirmed among the butcher and charcuterie caterer in Cadurcy. He only sold two beef fat whites a year until now to his regular customers. “I manage to sell 3 kg a day now and I think this figure will increase further,” he says. If and only if prices rise further and shortages accelerate. At that point, Cahors will perhaps have to think about organizing pure Belgian-style mussels and fries evenings.

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