a cat bar will open in Châlons-en-Champagne, with the possibility of adopting

A cat bar is due to open in Châlons-en-Champagne (Marne) in September. The Bar à Papattes – that’s its name – will allow its feline occupants to be adopted.

Meow. Cats also return in September 2022. For cats, it will be during the second half of the month.

If you regretted the closure of the Ronron Café in Reims (Marne), here is something to console you. The Bar à Papattes is due to open shortly, in Châlons-en-Champagne (Marne): the first cats will take up residence from the week of August 15. Customers will have to wait about another month.

“It will be a tea room inside which I will have cats all open for adoption”, explains the manager, Maryline Moncuit, to France 3 Champagne-Ardenne. She has joined forces with Paws of Velvet, an association that collects abandoned cat(s) (see the Facebook post below).

Obviously, these are felines capable of living in society. “Got to the vet, sterilized, chipped: they went through quarantine”specifies Maryline Moncuit (and adoptable from the association for a preferential rate). “As far as possible, they will be very sociable and able to cohabit with other cats. They will be free, keeping company with customers who come to consume drinks or a cake.”

But “it’s the cat who decides” : out of the question that a human being catches a cat to install it on his lap. “Among the instructions, there is also not to wake them up or feed them.” Caress the tomcat, yes, but only with his consent (discover the concept with the video below, shot in a Trojan cat bar).

The interest of this cat bar, first announced by theFriday weeklyit’s increased visibility for those furballs looking for a loving family. “The association collects these cats, places them in foster families [c’est provisoire; ndlr] and offers them for adoption via Facebook.”

While shelters, often more subsidized and visible, can open their doors and attract a wider audience. “The shelters, everyone goes there; it’s less the case for the associations that revolve around them.” The friend of the cats really wanted to be able to help À Patte de Velours.

Of interest, there is also some for human fauna: it is purring therapy. “It’s relaxing. We’re talking about serenity, relaxation, anti-stress. Even if people don’t want to adopt for various reasons, they can come here to have a coffee and see the cats. It’s also a way to participate .”

The bar will not serve lunch (unlike the Ronron Café in Reims), just snacks in the afternoon. These will be homemade, with products from “local and organic partners”.

The idea came from Maryline Moncuit (who has been preparing this project since 2018) after the death of her father. He bequeathed her a caretaker’s apartment in the commercial area of ​​Croix Dampierre, she did not want “to trade to sell things”and she renovated it (see location on map below).

“When I became the owner of this house – it was in February 2020 just before confinement – I didn’t really want it to be razed and taken over by the Seat garage next door if I sold. I wanted a commercial activity but without actually being. I’m not looking to earn a salary, rather to self-finance for the charges with the animals. It’s not for profit at all.”

It took a year of reflection, obtaining authorizations and training, as well as another year of work to bring the project (soon) to fruition. The husband of Maryline Moncuit, retired, will volunteer behind the counter. In addition to her activity at the Bar à papattes, she will continue to work in an agricultural IT company.

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