a cat becomes obsessed with an empty cinnamon bottle and makes it his favorite toy!

Between this cat and his bottle of cinnamon, it’s crazy love! Much more than a toy, or a simple comforter, this bottle has become his best friend.

Winston is a former stray cat. His past on the streets is probably what explains his tendency to want to eat everything, including objects. His behavior putting him in danger, his family could not leave him toys. Until the feline falls madly in love… with a bottle of spices.

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Winston ate anything that passed under his nose.

Since he was adopted from a shelter, Winston has always had a dangerous eating behavior. He ate everything that passed under his muzzle. Food, of course, but also objects. “Since he is obsessed with food, he will literally eat his toys, especially the soft ones.“, said Emily Tanits owner, to The Dodo. This attitude is obviously harmful, which forced his family to give him very few toys.

And then Winston found love

One day the owners of Winston left an empty cinnamon bottle on the windowsill, in order to put it down in the recycling bin later. But this object immediately pleased the feline, who grabbed it and took it to its box.


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From that moment, Winston never wanted to leave his cinnamon again. He played with it, but mostly spent a lot of time hugging it. When someone approached to take it away from him, he clung with all his strength around it. “He hugs her to his chest with both paws. This is so cute“, Told Emily.


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The cat’s parents decided to leave him this toy, since unlike the others, he could not eat it. “His cinnamon bottle is a much safer option for him because it’s hard plastic and he can’t put his jaws in it.“, has explained Emily.

A love that lasts and a family that grows

It has been several months now Winston has his cinnamon, and he still loves it just as much. His parents completed his collection with other bottles, and even a tiny one that he appreciates just as much.


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The feline considers them as its herd, which it gathers, then incubates. He takes care of them as if they were his little ones.

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