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A cat crashes into the press conference of the Colombian football team in the 2nd division (video)

Football fans are buzzing about the upcoming start of the World Cup. Unfortunately, the 2nd division Osomarso team will not go that far and were even surprised by a shy cat during a press conference.


Soccer team Osomaroso of Colombia going through a rough time. She is currently in last place in Permier B. And the match played this Sunday, September 18, 2022 did not allow her to climb the slope as she was beaten 4-1 by Leone’s.

Nevertheless, we had to put on a good face and explain the areas for future improvement during a press conference that took place right after the meeting.

The trainer Victor Hugo Baron Rosales and the captain Carlos Hernandez arrived dejected, but an unusual teammate finally gave them a smile.

In fact, a mostly white alley cat has appeared on the table.

The animal naturally demanded the attention of the 2 men. He demanded a few hugs from the coach and then mechanically walked towards the team leader with the same intent.

A lucky cat?

After collecting what he was looking for, under the amazed and amused eyes of the journalists who could not hold back their laughter despite the seriousness of the situation for the club, he finally decided to take the time to wash up.

The typical position of the cats during this task certainly relaxed the atmosphere.

The tom cat not only amused the gallery but also relaxed the 2 pessimistic men.

Victor Hugo Baron Rosales expressed his desire to do better in the next match, which will soon be played against the club Bogota.

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Furthermore, he hopes that the fur ball will give the whole team the momentum and luck needed to overcome all these defeats.

WhoseOsomaroso did not make an impression this year for his achievements, he is nevertheless today on the front of the stage all over the world thanks to the cat that has become his mascot.


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