A cat is shot with a rifle in a small village in Seine-et-Marne

Myriam Cailleux33 years old, lives in rue Charles-Philippe-de-Rigaud at pringny in the department of Seine et Marne. She is the proud owner ofElliota beautiful red tabby European cat.

“I collected Elliot from an association. He is a one-year-old male who is used to roaming the neighborhood, my apartment looking directly outside”she explained to News.

On Sunday, June 19, as usual, the tomcat went out around 11 a.m. for his daily walk. Only this time Myriam didn’t see him all day. It wasn’t until midnight that she found him curled up outside her front door.

The poor animal had blood in its tail and hindquarters and its right hind leg was paralyzed.

Without waiting, the young woman took her faithful companion to the emergency veterinary clinic inArcueil in the Val de Marne, a 40-minute drive from her home. which supported Elliot and made his diagnosis.

Myriam Cailleux

Heavy and expensive care

The ultrasound examination revealed thatElliot had a shotgun pellet lodged in his basin. The projectile had hit the sciatic nerve, resulting in the paralysis of one of its limbs.

The tomcat was therefore hospitalized and then operated on under general anesthesia.

“I picked up my cat on Monday evening, but on Wednesday, as he refused to take his medication, I went back to the vet to give him an injection”reported Myriam.

Today, Elliot recovers quietly surrounded by the love of his masters. Myriam must still pay the bill of 960 euros for surgery and treatment.

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To help him pay his debt, Eric Bonnometformer mayor of the village and friend of the young woman, launched a kitty named Leetchie Save Elliot. “There is no word to qualify this kind of act, it is very surprising. I don’t see who it could be, because Pringy is a very quiet town and Myriam lives in a suburban area. In twelve years of office, I have never heard of such a case “lamented Eric.

To date, more than 500 euros have been raised thanks to 23 donors.

In parallel, Myriam alerted the municipal police and filed a complaint with the police station in Moissy Cramayel.


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