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A cat offers comfort to a dog who was hiding, terrified, during a storm

Who would have thought that a cat who is normally super scared and cautious would help her canine sister calm down during a storm. It is normal to be afraid of thunder and lightning. Many children and even some adults are afraid of the loud noises that come with it a strong storm.

Thus, like humans, some animals are also often afraid of these unknown sounds that come from the sky, which they do not know what they are, and take them as a threat. In such cases, it is better not to pet the animal too much or force it to do something against its will. There are actually other better methods to calm and soothe him.

And it seems that Marvin, the family cat who came to the house 6 months ago to be 7-year-old Moose’s playmate, knows exactly what to do when his little dog sister is scared of the storm. The feline really has great intuition and was quick to help him.

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A cat helps a dog calm down during a storm

At first, his owner, Mary Barnes, was unsure how Moose and Marvin would get along, as the dog had never interacted with other cats before. but she had faith and she was not mistaken. Because that day, Marvin proved him by being super nice to Moose.

After moving to downtown Detroit, she began to notice that Moose was becoming a lot afraid of loud noisesfireworks or thunderstorms and ran quickly for cover, shivering.

No matter how much she turned on music or gave her treats to distract her when there was a thunderstorm, Moose would always run away and hide in the tub because she feels it’s a safe place. Marvin doesn’t feel the same fear and he refused to let his friend go through this alone because he knew she was in terrible pain.

When the big storm started, the thunder wouldn’t stop, so Moose was very scared. She sought refuge in the tub, as she does every time. This time, however, Marvin decided to react. Yes, he followed her and stayed with her as long as the storm raged, because it was a really long and high storm, it wasn’t like the other times.

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This helped distract and more importantly calm Moose, who felt comfortable with Marvin. The dog therefore snuggled into his paws and he leaned over to lick her and soothe her. It was certainly an adorable gesture of love for her best friend. Now when the dog is afraid, she knows she will be safe with Marvin, who does not reinforce her fear, but removes it with great love.

Now they play and hang out as usual, the worst is over for Moose.

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