A cat takes her kittens to her owner’s bed to keep them warm

This cat wants her kittens to always be comfortable: there is no doubt that the maternal instinct is present in all species, as evidenced by so many viral videos shared daily on social networks.

Recently, a video started circulating in which a female cat demonstrates that she will do everything possible to keep her kittens, only a few days old, warm.

It all started when the young owner made a special space for her cat to be comfortable next to her new family members. When she finished, she went to rest in her room.

A cat takes her kittens to her owner’s bed to keep them warm

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After a few minutes, she heard a noise that alarmed her and she woke up instantly. However, she noticed that the noise was coming from the pussy.

Apparently she was cold. She then grabbed each of her babies and carried them to their mistress’s bed, on top of a blanket, to keep them warm.

The gesture of the mother cat touched the hearts of Internet userswho admired the action of the feline and their mistress who let the kittens spend the night in her bed.

Unfortunately, the video for this story is not available at this time. It is likely that the user who posted it deleted it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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