A cat thrown out of the 5th floor window

A man was seen throwing his cat out of the fifth floor window, Sunday evening, Pierre-et-Marie-Curie residence. The cat was taken care of by the firefighters, his master will be summoned to the police station and incurs criminal proceedings.

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On its social networks, the police recall, on the occasion of World Cat Day, the risks incurred in the event of the abandonment of a cat.

Sunday evening, around 10:30 p.m., the Bruaysian police also mobilized for a cat that a woman saw fall from the fifth floor of the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie residence. Or rather be thrown out of the window by its owner who, challenged by a witness, came to pick up his little cat.

He mistreats his dog in front of the police

Alerted, the police went to the home of the fifty-year-old. The man also had a dog which he, following his barking, violently grabbed by the neck and lifted him off the ground, howling at it to silence him. Regarding the cat, he first explained that he accidentally fell and picked it up before admitting to throwing it out the window. Trembling and injured, especially in the hindquarters, the cat was taken care of by the community firefighters of Divion for veterinary care.

The Bruaysien will be summoned to the police station to explain his behavior. Legal proceedings for serious abuse or acts of cruelty to a domestic animal will be opened, which could lead to legal proceedings.

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