A cat with a difficult past and an upturned lip shows how badly she wants to be adopted (video)

Pets placed in a shelter after a long life with an owner generally have a bad time. Despite her painful ordeal and her health issues staring her down, this cat shows potential adopters that she wants to give them all her love.

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Valentine is a sweet 10 year old bicolor alley cat. The unfortunate was entrusted to the association Community Cat Club located on the island of Jersey to UKas his aged master could no longer support him.

Valentine was placed with a caring foster family so that the breakup would be less painful to bear. Despite the ordeal, she was sweet and friendly. She offered her loudest purrs and warmest hugs to her benefactors.

Dental care that left scars

“We had to give her an exam because she had tooth resorption”said Sara Sharpthe founder of the shelter, at lovemeow. It is a progressive, physiological or pathological disappearance of the crown and/or the root of a tooth.

The care provided led to a deformation of his lip, which is now permanently glued to his gums. “It’s the cutest thing ever”told Sarah.

Fortunately, this difference does not prevent him from living quite normally.

Valentine conquered the whole of his foster home with his kindness and his demonstrations of affection. In particular, she has become friends with the house dog with whom she likes to take long naps. She was ready to start her new life, but no one seemed interested in adopting her.

After 6 months of waiting, the members of the shelter thought that by transferring her to the adoption centre, she had a better chance of meeting people who would give her a chance.

Valentine has understood what is at stake and uses his charm to melt the hearts of people who pass by his cage. The cat stands on its 2 hind legs behind the glass and begins to scratch to attract attention. “She is a determined little girl who is more than ready to find her place”added Sarah.

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Valentine is still waiting at the shelter, but his tactics could soon tip the scales in his favor. She will be perfectly happy with a cozy basket, good meals and above all, lots of love.

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