A certificate of commitment is now mandatory to adopt a pet

By Graziella L. Posted Jul 30, 2022 10:02 AM

From now on, if you wish to adopt a pet, whether it is a dog, a cat, or a horse, you will have to provide yourself with a certificate of commitment, in order to fight against the abandonment of animals.

Every year, and especially during the summer period, many French people abandon their pets, in refuges or in nature. A real scourgewhich the authorities are trying to stem with the creation of a decreeon July 19, 2022, which obliges the possession of a certificate of commitment before to adopt an animal, whether it’s a cat, dog, ferret, rabbit or horse.

This certificate of commitment and knowledge aims to empower people who wish to acquire an animal and avoid impulse buying. Thus, the certificate must be drawn up by a person holding ACACED (Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species), then given to the owners seven days before the transfer of the animal. This also concerns the animal donationwhich becomes more framed.

Indeed, the document must be obtained by “tany natural person who acquires an animal for consideration or free of charge”. The Ministry of Agriculture indicates that the adoption certificate specifies several information depending on the species: “their needs, identification obligations and the implications of keeping an animal“.

This additional step to protect the animals comes in addition to the ban on the presence of wild animals in circuses and dolphinariums as well as the end of the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores from 2024.

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