a couple sentenced for having deprived their two daughters of food and care

The two girls had been found starving by social services. A couple was sentenced to two years in prison and 15 months suspended for deprivation of care and food for his two daughtersthe youngest having died in April, learned AFP Friday, June 3, with the parquet floor of Vannes.

The couple from La Gacilly (Morbihan) was sentenced Thursday, June 2 in Vannes for deprivation of care and food compromising the health of their children, indicated the public prosecutor of Vannes, Maxime Antierconfirming information from our colleagues at West France.

The father, already in pre-trial detention since the death of the youngest of the girls, was sentenced to 2 years in prison and the mother a 15 month suspended sentence. The criminal court also ruled withdrawal of parental authority against both parents.

The couple charged

The father, who practices as a kinesiologist according to West France, was also prohibited from exercising “definitively any professional activity involving habitual contact with minors”, said the prosecutor. In November 2020, the two girls then aged 5 years and 3 weeks had been discovered starving by social services, according to the daily.

On the criminal aspect, the couple is also indicted since April 17, the father for “willful violence resulting in death without intention of giving it to a minor under the age of 15 by ascendant and for the related offense of deprivation of care,” the Lorient prosecutor told AFP. Stephane Kellenberger. The mother is indicted for deprivation of care and placed under judicial control.

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