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a crucial detail prevents the police from acting (Video)

The dog refuses to leave the store: a crucial detail prevents the police from acting (Video)

On the evening of June 5, police in Bradenton, Florida received a somewhat unusual emergency call.

It was the employees of the Dollar General store who made the call to indicate that a dog was in their store and did not want to leave.

The dog is very calm

It was late and the employees really needed to close the store. The pooch was called Bentley and was simply adorable. But the police did not expect his size and they were not equipped to get him out of the store! Indeed, their harness was far too small…

They call for reinforcement

They had to call in another cop as backup to get the right equipment. In the meantime, the police were able to scan the dog’s chip and notify its owner.

When the policewoman arrived as reinforcements with the right harness, they were able to get the dog out of the store.

The dog had forced the gate

The police were about to take him back to the police station when Bentley’s master arrived at the store. He explained that the pooch managed to open the gate to the house just a few feet away.

The police posted the video of their intervention on their Facebook account.

They even made a joke saying, “Lucky the Bentley pooch had a microchip!” Or rather a mega-chip, because he is a very big dog…”

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