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A deer breeder in difficulty in Reunion, after numerous attacks by stray dogs

Since 2017, Paul Payet has constantly alerted the public authorities to the multiple attacks by stray dogs suffered by his deer farm. He lost a hundred animals and his exploitation of the Cafres plain is now in difficulty.

“We are two adjoining breeders on the same plotsexplains Paul Payet, breeder at Plaine des Cafres, pointing to the boundaries of his farm. I had 120 animals, then 56 and I have 30 left today. The other breeder has only 26 animals left compared to 40 three weeks ago”.

Their deer farms have been decimated by attacks from stray dogs. “Some animals died the very day of the attack, others died of their injuries in the days that followed.laments Paul Payet.

Watch the report from Réunion La 1ère:

At the Plaine des Cafres, Paul Payet, a deer breeder, has lost a hundred animals in five years due to attacks by stray dogs

These attacks have been going on since 2017, but they are increasingly organized and deadly. In total, more than a hundred deer have been killed in these attacks on this Plaine des Cafres farm in five years.

However, Paul Payet has continued to sound the alarm. The breeder has invested thousands of euros in his operation. “We have been alerting the public authorities for five years saying that the situation is critical, today we have reached our limits, I admit defeat”, despairs Paul Payet.

“The bankruptcy of our farms is not linked to poor management. We make the breeders feel guilty, we infantilise, we often stigmatize the breeders, but this time the bankruptcy of our activity is linked to the laxity of the public authorities while elected officials have the power to act, assures the breeder. LThe mayor is responsible for the safety of animal wandering and straying”.

A few meters from this deer farm, a 25-year-old giant tortoise is rotting. She too was a victim of stray dogs. Yesterday evening again, Tuesday, a hundred poultry were also attacked on a farm in Saint-Pierre.

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