A dessert containing alcohol served to schoolchildren in canteens

The dessert on the menu of the Italian meal offered this Friday in the canteens of the schools of Grenoble (Isère) made the parents of pupils wince. The municipality served the children a tiramisu containing alcohol, reveals The Dauphine Libere.

According to our colleagues, it was agents who notified the municipality. “The officers found that the tiramisu contained alcohol and not alcohol extract, as they expected,” the city confirmed to our colleagues.

Differences between students

The latter then decided to urgently withdraw the dessert. But only certain schools were affected by this withdrawal. Also, in some canteens where tiramisu was offered, only children on a meatless diet were served another dessert.

So many differences between schools but also between students who have outraged parents. Contacted by our colleagues, the municipality acknowledged that the dessert should have been replaced for all schoolchildren and apologized to the parents of students.

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