a devastating disease that owners of hunting dogs want to protect themselves from

The dog, man’s best friend. This is also true for hunters who share the same passion with their companions. A year ago, a terrible disease caused the death of hunting dogs in Haute-Marne, the Vosges and the Meuse. Its name: Aujeszky’s disease. “It is also called pseudo-rabies”, testifies a veterinarian from Haut-Saônois. “So far, it has not been detected in our department but it remains highly infectious,” explains the professional. “The question is no longer whether it will arrive here but when! So I decided to contact a veterinarian and organize a vaccination session on Saturday at the Faucogney-et-la-Mer hunting lodge. One hundred dogs will have their first dose (around €20). If I go hunting, it’s for the love of the dog, I want to protect them”, testifies William Reynès, treasurer of the communal hunting association of Faucogney-et-la-Mer, at the origin of this “unofficial large-scale vaccination day”, a first in the region. The second dose is scheduled for September. Just before the official opening, Sunday September 11.

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Without a vaccine, the outcome is fatal

This disease, of which adult pigs and wild boar are the main vectors, is not transmissible to humans. It can, however, affect carnivores. Including hunting dogs, which are more particularly exposed by contaminating themselves through direct contact with infected wild boars. “The infection occurs when the hunting dog ingests the viscera of pigs or wild boars. The outcome is always fatal: very intense itching affects the animal, swallowing disorders appear, the pharynx can become paralyzed. This causes encephalitis and the death of the animal in two or three days, ”explains the veterinarian.

The Departmental Federation of Hunters of Haute-Saône (FDC 70) and the National Federation have informed their members. “We just recalled the advice,” says the director of the Haute-Saône hunters. “To prevent a dog from biting a dead boar or consuming venison”. For William Reynès, who owns a Bruno du Jura dog, a Saint-Hubert, a Gascon-Saintongeois, two Bassets, a Beagle, “prevention is better than cure”.

“The vaccine which is used has a temporary marketing authorization and I have made contact with a colleague from Bar-le-Duc who has – already – vaccinated a hundred dogs”, details the veterinarian who will be in charge of the injections. , Saturday. Like all vaccines, it protects, but not 100%. It remains the only effective barrier.

There are 24 places left. Vaccination Saturday August 13, 2 Faubourg Saint-Nicolas, Faucogney-et-la-Mer. Price: around €20. Contact: 06 43 14 57 64.

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