a deviant and dangerous concept that alters and accentuates the physical appearance of the animal

Respiratory problems, elongation of the vertebrae or even a too narrow cranium, all are problems linked to the genetic modification or mistreatment of certain breeds of dogs. Whether dachshunds, pugs or even Cavaliers King Charles, all have been surfing the wave of success for a few years now thanks to their adorable and crunchy faces. This pushes some farms to make some modifications to accentuate, sometimes to the extreme, certain distinctive traits in an animal. Only here, it is a practice that can be very dangerous for the dog, so much so that it can end up paralyzed for life. ” We breed dogs that are ultimately born to suffer and be unhealthy most of their lives. “Explains veterinarian Hélène Gateau to our colleagues from Paris. ” To have very precise morphological characteristics, we will often practice inbreeding at the breeding level. These are therefore animals that will have other problems in addition to their hypertypies. “, she adds.

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Raising awareness of the concept of hypertype among breeders and animal owners

The different breeds, victims of this hypertypy, are among the favorites of the French, which worries the veterinarian enormously. “The problem today is that these are breeds that have a lot of likes on social networks so the demand is there because we see a lot of them. In the farms then it follows and it accentuates the hypertypie “, she reveals. To support her remarks, she cites in particular a study published last May in the journal Canine Medicine and Genetics which revealed that a pug ” couldn’t be healthy ” during his life. His airway and oxygen supply are skewed by his shortened nose. What the Fondation Droit Animal qualifies as “selective deviance” is, for all associations and veterinarians, a daily battle. ” Whether it is the French Veterinary Academy, the Central Canine Society or the LOOF, everyone is trying to fight against these abuses by informing breeders and future owners so that there is less demand for this type of dog and cats “, reveals Hélène Gateau. The goal is to explain that many excesses persist in farms that practice inbreeding between species to achieveto obtaining extreme physical traits.

If dogs seem to be the first concerned, cats are also not left out. Indeed, as the Animal Rights Foundation points out, in the Persian, the Exotic Shortai, the Burmese and perhaps the Maine Coon, cases exist. “The Arabian Horse has long been affected by the phenomenon of hypertype. But it is especially on the side of the Quarter Horse or the Paint Horse that it would undoubtedly be appropriate to direct the spotlight today: the search for a sculpted musculature can lead to muscular or musculoskeletal affections “, is it also added.

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