“A dismaying investigation” – The ecological town hall of Strasbourg responds to the magazine 30 million friends

The town hall of Strasbourg did not at all appreciate the survey published in the magazine 30 million friends in mid-April.

In the annual ranking of cities where it is good to live with your dog or cat, the Alsatian capital found itself ranked 34th. A drop of 13 places compared to the previous year, with a score of 8.3/20.

The criteria are based on green spaces, cleanliness, political commitment and care for wandering populations. The magazine even spoke of the Alsatian capital’s “disinterest” in the animal cause.

This greatly annoyed Marie-Françoise Hamard, municipal councilor responsible for animals. “I discovered this with enormous surprise and great sorrow.” she said. The manager actually admits not having sent the questionnaire to 30 million friends, for lack of time.

“Instead of ignoring mention of Strasbourg, they made it up purely and simply, taking figures that are 2 or 3 years old.” pleads the chosen one. She promises to have this week reworked the questionnaire and was about to fire him.

The SPA in support of the city

But I am going to write to the president to ask her to kindly correct the comments of her journalist. This saddened and upset me. Since the election of Jeanne Barseghian, the city has been very, very committed to animal welfare, the proof is my position, in charge of animals, which did not exist, so it is good to say that the city cares about the fate of animals, contrary to what this survey suggests, which is appalling” says Marie-Françoise Hamard.

After the publication of the survey of 30 million friends, the president of the SPA of Strasbourg had already stepped up, on France Bleu Alsace, to defend the city. “I think that this rating is not very justified in relation to the announcements made and what will be put in place. I don’t think there is a lack of interest in the animal cause. We have an elected official attached to this subject. The things are announced, It takes a little time to set up, but it will evolve” pleaded Marie Amalfitano.

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