A dog abandoned in a taxi with a heartbreaking letter is picked up by the driver

On Wednesday July 27, 2022, a taxi driver was given a dog while its owner went to withdraw money from an ATM. He never came back. The man, taking the canine out of its carrying bag, found a letter that says a lot.

Dagoberto Rojas Buitrago is a taxi driver in the district of Subaat Bogotá in Colombia. This Wednesday, July 27, 2022, it had just started its service near the shopping center Plaza Imperial when a loaded potential customer dropped off his belongings and his dog in his vehicle.

The individual then kindly asked him to wait for him for a moment, while he went to withdraw some money.

“I got out of the taxi to wait outside, but I realized that the elderly pooch was already tired, so I got into my car and I freed him from his transport bag in which he was very hot “said Dagoberto at The Spectator.

An endless wait

Dagoberto figured out what was really going on after 1 hour hanging around outside the mall. During all this time, he took care of the dog by giving him fresh water and cuddling him.

“On closer inspection, I discovered a letter-like set of instructions and explanations of the animal’s routine”said the driver.

Unfortunately, the owner had not provided his name or the reasons for his action. We can simply read, among other things, that he likes to play ball, that he eats twice a day (morning and evening) or that he tends to run away if a door is accidentally left open.

Illustration of the article: A dog abandoned in a taxi with a heartbreaking letter is picked up by the driver
Dagoberto Rojas Buitrago – El Espectador

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Dagoberto could not bring himself to abandon this poor dog on the spot and the local associations were overwhelmed. He therefore took him into his home where he is particularly pampered by his young daughter who is passionate about animals.

However, its owner is actively sought. “It would be nice if the master showed up to at least find out if anything had happened to him inside the mall”confided the good Samaritan.


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