A dog accompanies his mistress in a water park and goes down the slide

Dogs are known to accompany their masters through thick and thin or even on a toboggan… But no matter where their masters go, they will always want to follow them. And if for some reason they can’t do it, they wait for them with patience and joy. All this is a tender characteristic that proves that they are the best friends of the human being.

It is very common to see news on the internet about very loyal dogs, and one of them is about a very funny dog. In a TikTok video, a young girl was filmed going down a waterslide while being followed by her adorable pet.

The video was posted by the account TikTok @no_se_lo_lo_puedo_creer and aroused great emotion in more than one user. Indeed, we can see the young girl sitting on the pool slide, preparing to go down it.

A dog accompanies his mistress in a water park and goes down the slide

She is holding her phone in her hand to take a selfie and record a video of the moment. Behind her is her little dog barking as she prepares to descend. He leans his paws on the edge of the slide, as if to stop himself.

She does not pay enough attention to him and lies down to let herself be carried away by the current and the slope, to which her little dog reacts immediately by jumping to join her. He stayed behind her, brushing her belly against the water, and joined in the fun.

The dog ran and slid down the slope towards the water, where he arrived with his young mistress. This was all seen from a general shot at the start of the game, probably filmed by a friend of his. He was certainly worried at first, but probably figured out it was just a game.

You can watch the video below where we can see the little dog having fun with his mistress on the slide:

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