A dog finds his masters after ten years of separation more than 500 km from his home

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The Czech bearded man was picked up wandering by the municipal police of Saint-Chély-d’Apcher (Lozère), on June 27. Ten years after his disappearance in the Vaucluse…

They thought they would never see him again. A couple living in Les Barroux (Vaucluse) could not believe their ears when, ten years after the disappearance of their dog – a Czech bearded man then two years old – the manager of a pound told them that he had found him more than 500 km from their home, in Lozère, tell us our colleagues from Free lunch. It was in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, north of Mende, on June 27, that municipal police officers found him wandering and brought him to Eden, to Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel’s house, at the head of dog boarding.

The emotion at the rendezvous

This dog, named Fitou, had joined the Vaucluse family at the age of three months, before vanishing two years later, while he and his master were strolling in the vineyards. The searches of its owners had remained in vain. This Saturday, July 2, the emotion was there at the time of the reunion. Fitou would even have recognized his former masters. If we do not know what happened to him during all these years, for Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel one thing is certain: “He was treated well, it shows. He is not afraid. He is not thin During all this time, he must have seen vets.”

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